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By Digikartit / September 19, 2019

Will Application Benefit You?

The ultimate source of spending time is browsing on Watsup, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Photo editor, Hotstar and many more alike which mutually accompany us work more smartly. Now let us focus on the raising query,“ What are these sources called? These sources are nothing but known as Application.



What does Application mean?


Application is a computer program designed to operate a category of coordinated functions, activities making the user a multitasked personality. Examples of which are Spread sheet, word processor, flight simulator, accounting application, web browser, console game, photo editor, media player and many more alike. Applications are been used frequently on every android handset. The Way of living has become easier with the help of these applications. All work related to every field has their respected applications, examples of which are Book my show, MSEDCL APP, MY IDEA, PAYTM,GROCERY PAL, OLA CABS, AMAZON, NETmeds and so on.



Let’s switch on to its Benefits:


Applications are developed with the motto to meet the exact need of the end user.


A single software is developed for any specific application or task , so user has to use one specific software to accomplish the task.


Threat of virus is less in application software, since any business that incorporates it can restrict access and can come up with means to protect their network as well.


As business point of view, it maintains and control the business by consuming minimum time to perform various tasks, increasing profit, measures business productivity. Etc.


Licensed application software gets regular updates from the software developer for security reasons.
It is much safer for the use of children.



Impact of Application in Future:


As new technological developments emerge, the concept of application grows in capability, productivity, creativity and value too. A massive use of these


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