Technology, is a boon or a curse?

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By Digikartit / September 19, 2019

Technology, is a boon or a curse?

In simple context we can explain the term technology as human brain’s best experiment which has invented with the purpose to simplify not only the process of production of goods & services
but to improve human productivity where, man’s time consuming work can be done in fraction of minutes.


With the desire to live a modern life science and technology has become the back bone of man to survive. Which puts a question, whether it is a sign of success or a sign of failure? Well, as a coin has its two sides likewise technology also consist its strength & weakness.



Technology as strength:


Technology has marked its presence in every sector, let’s put light on each one and conclude what role does it play?



Agricultural Technology:


Agricultural technology focuses mainly on techniques of farming where the work of ten hands can be utilized by one single machinery equipment. The agricultural engineers have designed the machines with the motto to practically apply at every stage of farming process right from tiling the soil to packing the products. Though agriculture is our ancient tradition practiced but with the development and use of advanced machinery this profession will remain at the leading – edge for further many successful centuries. Thus technology has played its fundamental role in agricultural industry.



 Industrial Technology:


The transformation from hand production to mechanical production is just the term “Industrial Technology” earlier the manufacturing process was at the prolonged stage as things were produced manually, but with the arrival of industrial revolution in Great Britain and later other countries, refinement took place with employment rate, output rate leading to countries development. Industrial technology is the next step of industrial revolution which marks a major turning point on industrial level by introducing new tools & techniques for performing said tasks in production, storage & distribution, development, utilization, and application of new scientific ideas, concepts, and information in production and other processes which changed almost every aspect of man’s way of living.



 Medical Technology:


Doctors are called as God, as he is the one who saves the life. If we raise the question to the said statement then it would answer as “Medical Technology”. This technology consist of wide range of healthcare products, medical devices, information technology , biotech and healthcare services. Comparatively to the earlier period the death rate has declined just because of this concept.



Educational Technology:


Educational technology relies on the bunch of words i.e. “Learn from home”. Earlier classes were allotted for learning and attendance was of due importance which was hectic for both students as well teachers but; since educational technology is introduced, learning has become much easier giving a scope to acquire qualitative and quantitative knowledge with the technical gadgets like Computers, tablets and mobile devices, Videoconferencing, fidelity Bluetooth speaker, Arch Mount, Live Code and etc. Thus, it focuses on improving performance by creating and managing appropriate technological processes and resources technically.



Information Technology:


A very popular term IT which is the abbreviated form of Information Technology is at foremost platform in its own sector called IT sector. It is considered to be the subdivision
of information and communication technology. With the help of which the enterprises can store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data for business purpose. IT sector is playing an important role in today’s world promising a technological future.


The ONLY weakness of technology is “Underestimation of Manpower” we humans are becoming too dependent of the term called “technology” the impact of which will show us the future ruled by Robots and humans as their slaves.


To conclude here is the answer to the question? Is technology a boon or a curse?


“We live in the era of smart phones and stupid people”


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